Turkey Meat Pâté

Delicata - Domaćinska pašteta od svinjskog mesa - ambalaže

It is made of turkey meat, enriched with milk and soy proteins, seasoned with carefully selected natural spices and contains no preservatives.

In addition to its mild and pleasant flavour, it is characteristic by the fact that it is a rich source of quality proteins, vitamins and minerals.

– Gluten-free
– No preservatives
– No artificial colours
– No additives with E-numbers
– Distinctive taste
– High nutritional value

Nutrition information (average) per 100g:

Energy value 1227kJ/309kcal
Proteins 10g
Carbohydrates 2g
Fat 29g
One serving (30g) contains kcal 93
GDA* 4.65%

*Guideline Daily Amounts for adults